God’s Gifts for the Christian Life — Part 1: The Gift of Knowledge (PDF Ebook)

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Knowledge is essential to every aspect of human life, from knowing God to knowing our spouse. The failures of modernity have cast the possibility of knowledge in doubt, yet God through the Bible has given us a firm foundation for knowledge.


How are Christians to think about the intellectual tasks that make up everyday life in the modern world? It is clear we are not to do so as the “world” does, but what does it look like to engage Christianly in our thinking? In the first part of the series, God’s Gifts for the Christian Life, J. Alexander Rutherford shows how the Bible equips us to confidently engage in the interpretation of and engagement with the Word of God and the world he has created. In God’s rich mercy, he has enabled us to know him, his word, and his world. In a world where it is preposterous and arrogant to claim to know anything certainly, we are in desperate need of renewed foundations. In God’s Gifts for the Christian Life, see some of the ways that God through his limitless power has made available to us everything necessary for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).


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